I tried to text and call and no answer. What should I do..need help?

I recently started talking to this guy since Oct 20th and started going out and we met last sat night and spent the night also. He text me until wed saying "boo I'm kinda still sleeping I had a rough night at work and did not get home into bed til 11am, I'll text you when I'm fully awake" and that is the last time I heard from him since. I tried to text and call and no answer. I'm worried and do not know what to do. He says he's happy with me and that he loves me!


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  • Think you should just text one last time, if there's no response from that for a while then there's your answer. He's just not interested. He loves you? Love doesn't leave someone hanging, love calls you right back. Don't believe any guy who says they love you too early in a relationship, to them it's just an overuse word they use to often that has lost all meaning.

    • also I treid to call and went to voice mail and said it was full and has not been checked lately..idk if he lost his phone or what not .

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