Why did he suggest that I can invite my brother along?

yesterday, a guy that I met online and went out with a few times asked me out for dinner. at first I assumed it'd be a date, but then he proceeded to say "you may invite your brother if you'd like". (he met my brother once before.) why did he suggest that? do you think he's trying to tell me that he doesn't like me more than friend?


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  • My guess is that he gave you the option so that if you didn't feel comfortable being alone with him the first time, you could have a chaperone/safety around. Many women are apprehensive about meeting someone in person the first time, and he doesn't want you to be afraid.

    • except that those two already "went out a few times."

      @qa 2 options:

      1. nothing more than a friend

      2. he just wanna play it cool and slow

  • Guys are weird... My opinion? He was trying to be polite. All we wanna really do is get naked with you lol


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