Why am I so angry all the time?

I find myself getting irritated or mad at the smallest things anymore.

I did just move 8 hours away to a new school, living on campus, haven't made a whole lot of friends, don't have a job, haven't dated/gotten laid in months, and so on.

i get irritated with my roommate a lot for simple stuff. She will complain about leaving my dish towel on the stove but won't actually move it (that pisses me off).

Most of the time I kinda like to be alone, not bothered.

I, right now, have a weird push pull feeling with men. I am physically attracted to them, but I dislike them in general. Its not directed at guys that are just passerbys or anything; It gets directed at say, the dude in the gym who is making it a point to huff and puff and be really loud in the gym (I think he's showing off). Show off guys piss me off, more than just a little bit. I get pissed when I am online dating, I hate one word messages, I hate "hey babe" "hey QT" and all those. I get frustrated when I look at profiles because they all look like a**holes- they've got their shirtless pics (a-hole), pictures of their nice stuff (materialistic), fake gang signs and other stupid "bro" sh*t

I get to the point that I just log off and don't want to do it because its just overwhelming.

The littlest things set me off anymore and my temper threshold is getting weaker. I don't really know what is going on.


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  • haha, I am afraid to answer now because I think I might look like one of them a-holes you describe with the shirtless photo lol. But anyway, how is your diet? Do you have good diet?

    You may find it strange that I'm mentioning diet in regards to your mental health, but it seriously can affect people in different ways when you're deficient in certain minerals and vitamins.

    I can help, but I first kind of need to know what your diet consists of, so I can advise you on foods to eat instead.

    • Im studying to be a dietitian, so I know about diet. I know all about balanced diets, whole grains, veggies, etc.

      Im a poor student, so right now, it's about what I can afford, not necessarily the best stuff in the world.

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    • Because to be honest, free dating sites (which I'm assuming you use) are pretty horrendous for meeting genuine people. And you say you're a poor student, so a pay internet dating site would be out the question at the moment. Gym is an okay place, but you say you don't like the show off types, so not sure that's the best place either.

      I mean it would be good if you could find work there, as it might help you to meet someone. Apart from that, I don't really know what else I can suggest.

    • Yeah gym is my place to zone and do my thing so meeting dudes in the gym is hard.

      I've be really really trying to find work and its not (no pun intended) working.

      I don't have many hobbies other than writing. I am awful at arts/crafts or anything else. Plus, hobbies can be expensive.

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  • A sign of the times, welcome to 2012...a lot of ANGRY people...who maybe share your feelings...Frustration, tension, general anxiety, ...sometimes exercise helps relieve these feelings

  • You're just really horny.

    Trust me, I've met a lot of women who hated me, and I'm a nice guy. But I always find out sooner or later that they just really wanted to hook up with me and are just angry that I don't.

    I felt repulsed, considering I wouldn't ever hook up with anyone I didn't like and who didn't like me.


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  • It sounds like depression. Not many people realize that sometimes depression comes out in the form of anger. The only reason I know this is because my depression was the same.

    I had to take antidepressants to get mine under control. That was years ago and I haven't taken them in years, I just needed them for a few months until I could get it under control on my own. I have been fine ever since.

    • I've been to therapy and stuff before and I know I have an anxiety disorder apparently.

      I'm not keen on going back to therapy though.

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    • I am sorry. I wish I could help you.

    • Thank you :)