Why is he acing so distant, all the sudden?

I really need all the advice I can get. I went out on a date with a guy a week ago. It went great we continued to hang out all week every night. Well last night he stayed at home and didn't show any interest in hanging out..just wanted to play video games. He told me we would hang out tomorrow after his sporting event. So I went to the event and waited for him after, he found me and hugged me and we talked but when I asked what he wanted to do. He said I think Ill just go home or go over my friend "bob"s house. I was sad I had really been looking forward to hanging out...right before he left he grabed my hand and kissed it and said he would text me. If he wanted to hang out or not. Lately he has just been a little distant...and I am scared of getting hurt. I have already kissed him which is kinda a big deal to me. So I wanna know if he is just playing me or if he is interest. He has mentioned dating before and he told me all about his past. However yesterday and today he has been kinda distant...what do I do to make him wanna hang out with me, or should I move on because he is just playing with me? please help


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  • ask him if other things are going on in his life that you should know about, might explain his being distant.


  • i know it is hard but give it a few days and see if he comes around.