Is it rude to tell a guy "oh so you didn't forget about me" when he texts?

i have a "thing" with this guy..we aren't a real couple but we date and talk a few times a week. he initiates a lot of contact, and I know he is busy.

so is it rude to tell him "oh so you remembered me" next time he texts me?

guys would you be annoyed and think she was a bitch? or would you think it means she missed you?

i'm actually a little curious because he makes those remarks to me sometimes. like "oh did you miss me" or one time we hadn't spoken in a few days and he texted me that I forgot about him.
ok so I should say "oh you missed me ;) ?" instead?
if he texts me at least once a week and often more do you think he probably will within the next few days?


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  • It's probably better to say something coy like "oh, did you miss me?"

    Or, "oh so you were thinking about me?"

    If you say "Oh so you didn't forget about me?", he's going to get pissed.


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  • as a guy.. if he cares about you, that comment won't piss him off, it won't annoy him.. it will HURT HIM! he'll think you're pissed off at him.. so unless that's the plan, don't do it

  • That kind of comment comes off as a little insecure and condescending. Saying something like "oh did ya miss me? ;)" comes off way better with effectively saying the same thing. It's cute, playful and doesn't come off as insecure. I think it's better err on the side of being playful in these situations.


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  • making that comment can make you sound a little insecure. Trust me, I almost caught myself feeling that way. just show him it doesn't bother you. If the man is busy, he is busy.