This guy never called but showed up where I was to see me

I gave this guy my number Monday but he never text or called

On Wednesday he showed up at the club I said I was going to be at and it was obvious he was there to see me. But his friend was in a bad mood or something(he stood there looking pissed off and ignored all attempts at bring him into the conversation) so they left

But my point is he still hasn't called or text. I didn't bring it up on Wednesday because I didn't want to be a jerk and I don't have his number to text him so I must just wait until he texts or I see him at the club again.

Should I bring up him blowing me off? Why would he do that yet go out of his way to see me?


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  • Maybe he doesn't have credit, or maybe he's nervous , scared of rejection, and doesn't wanna appear too interested. The fact he's showed up for you is a very good sign! you should just be cool about and say you should text me sometime, or just say I thought you were gonna text me ? if it comes up in conversation .Just be cool about it and you'll look really confident rather than a jerk

    • He's a total nerd I know that for a fact so I can see him being nervous... Now I just need to make sure I run into him again...

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