Do you think people prefer white people over others to date and marry?

I don't want to sound racist (I am not white by the way), but it seems people prefer to date white girls/guys even if they are not white (by the way white people, are people of white race borned in North American, European countries etc etc you get the point). I notice people in my group (Latinos) seem to make it easier for white guys/girls wheter they are good or bad people.

Has anybody else seen this? Why is this?


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  • FOB and lower class minorities tend to prefer to marry white people because it's considered marrying "up."

    There is also marrying up within cultures. For example, with Hispanics/Latinos, to marry a Spanish or Argentinian(in some cases) person is considered marrying "up."

    For Asians, Koreans are considered marrying up.

    But if you're a lower class Asian(Chinese, Filipino, etc) or Mexican mestizo/mestizo/indio/non-white Hispanic, it's considered marrying up to marry a white person.

    Personally, I am biracial, black and Hispanic and my parents never stressed to marry a white/black/Asian/Hispanic guy. They don't care. But I do know Hispanic girls who wish to marry white guys but it more than likely won't happen since they surround themselves with nothing but trashy Hispanic guys.

    Blacks tend to be yay or nay. With blacks it's whether they're even open to dating interracially or not.

    My boyfriend is white but I'll date any guy I like :p

    I do think a lot of Asians in particular want to marry white guys because they consider it going up the social ladder.

    • I noticed that too, but why is that? I notice that some of the girls that are with some of these guys feel like they are in another class or level.

    • Because they think it'll make them more important in society and that their kids will be "superior"

    • Argentinian? up? hmm negative.

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  • Generally yeah, it seems that people, minorities or not, tend to have the "preference" of dating or marrying a white man or woman. Why? I don't know, their not all that special than any other race.

  • I have no clue. But the media does hype up what they consider "beautiful."

    But there is beauty in every race and in every person.

    Interesting question.

  • Nope.

  • yes, in my country (in asia) many girls value white guys higher compared to other races, even our own race. they perceive that being white = being good looking, physically well-built, rich, and respected. therefore, it's a pride to have a white guy as a boyfriend/husband.

    honestly, I think the real charm of white guys is their high potential of providing a 'good life', at least in material term. most of white guys are from developed countries where social welfare system and living condition as a whole are relatively well established, and girls (especially from developing countries like mine) find that very attractive, even subconsciously.

    i'm not being racist, just economically rational.

  • I live in a part of Europe where almost everyone is white so people have no choice but to be with white people. But among women the term "Latino lover" is a symbol of attraction and manliness, most women would go for Latinos but they are nowhere to be found.

  • A lot of minorities are like this. The white man has trained us well lmao

    Every group who has been conquered by Europeans deals with this. I was even watching Basketball Wives LA and tell me why these women on there said, and I quote, "white is right" on at least 3 separate occasions. I was like Wtf?

    I am black and I know some people like this too.its mostly guys, though. It could be a white girl that's out of shape, slept with half the town, and no morals, but some Negro will wife her because they will tolerate a lot from a white person. And I know some girls who are really nasty and rude to other black girls, but turn right around and act all nice and sweet to white girls. I'm like really?

  • I have noticed but its weird I don't ever see a Hispanic girl with a white a guy or a black girl with a white guy.

    • I see Hispanic girls with white guys. Do see too many black girls with whities tho lol That's probably got something to do with the fact that most us white guys don't feel like we "measure up"

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  • The white thing is like this. You have a sh*t load of white women who will do the purple guy if he was available.

    I was in Germany for a year in a sea of plain white people and ended up at an African Bar where any person of color was a hot commodity and my views changed.

    I love brown skin women, they are easy on the eyes when naked and age better. I am more into Latin women from Latin countries and not at all interested in most Americans.

    It would be very hard for me to marry a white and the reason is weak, I don't think they age well and they plump after marriage.

  • Am I the only one who doesn't notice any difference between white people and Latinos?

    The only 'difference' is that Latinos have more tan and brown or black hair.. and that's it - the rest is identical, even white people, especially those who live in Southern Europe can have dark hair and more tan - they look exactly the same as Latino "race"

    • if you were not white or from other race/group you would notice this

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    • In the middle ages people didn't consider the Earth to be round, they considered it to be flat.

      Did it affect the actual facts in any way?

    • it doesn't matter how it is, it matters what they think...hence why I asked this question...

  • I think it's more about money and status, which white people have more of. At any rate, you need to stop making the white nationalist racists' heads explode. They hate all this fictional race mixing going on.

  • What do you mean they make it easier?

    • Less tests, they are more upfront, more flirty sh*t like that.

    • Yeah, I love Hispanic and Black girls because they flirt way more

  • You should be confident enough to be happy with who you are. The only reason this seems the case is because you live in a country where white = majority, and white is the standard of beauty/affluence as the media portrays. If you don't read and expand your mind beyond that of everyday life, this is what would happen to you - no perspective, no external point of reference to compare. If not in this matter then in others. And you know you are making a massive generalisation given the population of USA is 300 million, and population of Europe is 600 million. If you want to be attractive individually there is nothing stopping you. Stop blaming your race.

    • Sure but I am not asking for me, I am asking for the rest of people

    • There is no point in asking for the rest of the people. You can't tell people who they should be, but you can tell yourself who you want to be.

    • he's asking this ? to GAIN "perspective" and "external points of reference'.

      I don't get why you seem so abrasive over him asking a ? about what he's observed throughout his lifetime.

      There is no "self pity" in the QA's ? at all.

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