Help with trouble with a boy?

I told this boy ( who hasn't had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl before) that I liked him, because we was talking via text message for a month and talked in person too. He would talk to me a lot in person even though he's a socially awkward/shy kind of guy and does not know how to behave around girls. He gave off signals that he did like me, with his friend saying he does and kind of flirting etc

We went to this Halloween party and I looked after him all night, whilst he was sick and not being able to talk as much. But before when he wasn't too drunk, he flirted with me and was really talkative. The next day I was kind of fed up as I didn't know where I stood and asked him if I was wasting my time because I liked him, he replied with I' don't really feel that way about you, which was fair enough because I can't make someone like me. I then replied to save the embarrassment that I don't want it to be awkward between us and that he's still my good mate because his friend who is my best friend told me that the guy won't ever speak to me again after me telling him that I liked him. In reply to my friendship text the guy said Neither do I and don't worry you're still my friend which I replied with good- meaning that I wanted to end the conversation to save anymore hurt feelings. But for some reason he decided to carry on the conversation and still try and make conversation, which I thought was bizarre! I met a couple of my male friends the other day and he was among them and he was still chatting away to me as if nothing had happened and kind of flirting and being more talkative than usual. That same night when we went home, we was still texting each other like normal as well.

His friends were shocked that he hadn't hid away and gone awkward around me like he did with this other girl who liked him but he didn't like back.

I'm just majorly confused and unsure on what to do, because I really like this guy but he's mind **** me so much.



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  • Just be his friend now..Maybe he likes you as a friend or he doesn't wanna take it too fast.Ok,it's been 2 month what happened?


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