Is this a good ending?

Had a great date with a guy bottle of wine and some food and we talked for at least 3 hours with lots of smiling and laughing. I drove him to the bus so it was hard to hug or anything but he got out of the car and said "you'll be hearing from me" . The date was on Friday now Monday morning and haven't heard ...


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  • That sounds pretty damn good. He may feel that he should wait a little, give you some space. If it comes to, say, Wednesday morning, you could check up on him.

    Also, if you want to, some guys like it when the girl is the one to initiate the date (a text, a call, whatever).

    Good luck.

    • He has been in contact but hasn't asked for another date? I asked him for the first one should I ask him again or leave it? I just don't know if he's interested or not cause on the 1st date he seemed very!

  • He'll probably call you in the middle of the week for a weekend date.


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