Do you think he is still interested or did he just want sex?

I'll try to present the background as shortly as possible. I met a guy online and for 2 days we talked non-stop through messages. We were going to go on a real date but due to the hurricane aftermath on the East Coast, we could not find a place that was open. I had 2 friends over who lost power, but the guy said he doesn't mind and came over to meet me. Once my friends left, we hooked up (please don't judge). He left the next morning and I honestly thought it was just a booty call and I would never hear from him again. But to my surprise he kept texting me the next day with really nice stuff, like "Hey baby" and "what is my princess up to?" I was nicely surprised but am still skeptical about this whole thing. It almost seems too good to be true. And yesterday he did not text me all day until like 10pm, asking to come cuddle. I know it's only been a few days (our "date" happened Wednesday night), but I feel like if he really liked me he would propose to go on a real date or to at least hang out and do something during the day. Maybe he likes to stay home and cuddle and watch movies, and I'm fine with that sometimes too, but how do I know that this is not ALL he wants to be doing? Does it seem like he really likes me or like he just wants to keep me around for booty calls? I appreciate any honest opinion, just please don't be plain rude. Thanks!


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  • If you're thinking you're a slut for sleeping with him the first day, then he's a slut too so no worries.

    Well, the best advise I can give you in this kind of situation is, just ask him.

    First, being asked straight up like that will show him you're someone to be respected, not some girl he can treat however he wants and won't ask any Q's.

    Second, being caught off guard will get more honest answers out of him.(call him, don't text).

    And third, you'll feel better after having asked and gotten an answer.


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