Is it always nice to be told you look good?

This guy I work with and I are both interested in each other, but we don't really flirt much in daily conversation. We also almost never text/call each other - he's not much of a "text to chat" person. We mostly talk in person. At work today he was looking really, really good, and I was close to texting him to make a comment (since I was unable to actually talk to him - we've been staying on the down-low and we were both with some crowds of people), just to tell him how attractive I thought he was, but ended up not doing it.

I figure most people love to hear they look good - but are you ever a bit weirded out by it? Are there any circumstances when you might find it awkward? Or is it just always a nice little confidence boost?

I did it and he seemed pretty happy :)

Gonna amp up the flirtation from now on! Thanks guys.


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  • Who doesn't like compliments?... Everybody loves 'em! I've complimented guys's cute to see how embarrassed or awkward they get because they're not used to it. haha! Next time you see him same something like..."Nice shirt" Or "You look good today" or whatever..the trick is to compliment, smile and then walk away ;) Don't linger around... Good luck!


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  • I think being told that you look good should be said more often it really does brighten up the day. The only time I would find this awkward is when I know that it's not true, cause then I know you just got bad taste in fashion or you're just abusing the confidence booster :P


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