What do I with him??? uuggghhhh

So I meet him at a party and he came with some of my guy friends, he was really cute and practically was following me until he was gutsy enough to give me his number and then ask for mine, which I thought was really cute. He even messages first which was nice but BUT he text back literally like a day after every text and I asked him why he answers so late about 3 times and his explanation was "oh sorry I'm busy". Like seriously were in high school how busy can it be? to make me more sad/annoyed we went on a date 2 weeks ago and it was really fun, and right after all my guy friends tell me to stay away because he's an A class ass hole/player so when I stop answering to his late one day after texts, his friends ALL day asked/texted me why I never talk to him ...LIKE WHAT aren't these the same people who told me I should stay away because he's an ass ? what do I do ?


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  • You let other people destroy your dating life. LOL! That's your bad. Advice is there to ADVISE you, not to make your decisions for you. Consider advice and make an educated decision. Sounds like neither your advice nor your decision was educate. What do you do with him? You watch while another, smarter girl walks away with him waving at you as they stride off into the sunset. Oh well, live and learn.

    On a side note, just talk to him. ZOMG, not everyone excels at texting you back on a moment's notice. So what? The time you spend actually together is way more important than a few lame texts. If you had tons of fun on your date then that should have been enough. If he doesn't answer texts, you could ZOMG! call him! What a concept.


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