Some qualities that are/were irreplaceable?

I was wondering (for guys) for the girls you are dating, have dated in the past, what were some things she did (whether you had the worst break-up in the world or not) that truly made her irreplaceable. Something she did that the next girlfriend didn't do or you wish others did.

I ran into an ex and he said despite moving on and meeting someone new, he always missed that I had breakfast always ready for him before he headed out to work as the new girl doesn't do that. A friend of mine always put little notes in her boyfriend's pocket/jacket after they went their separate ways (long distance) just reminders that she cared.

Things like that. (nothing sexual please). What is a quality/gesture you felt was truly the best?


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  • I dated a guy who could always make me laugh (and vice versa). I miss that all the time, even when I'm with someone I otherwise like. I dated another guy who I could always share really good albums with and he would introduce me to new music too. It's not enough to base a relationship on, but there were some definite "magic moments."