Telling a guy "don't forget about me" sounds clingy? or ok?

we dated, took a break (because of me) but now we started talking and seeing each other again and the feelings are still there.

he was being very affectionate and so was i. I felt very emotional because I like him a lot. he told me he wants to see me again and we took the city bus together. we were cuddling and it was my stop so he gave me a kiss and I said "don't forget about me ok"? and he said "i won't you were the one who forgot about me before" and I told him I am sorry and I made a mistake and he said it is okay. he also texted me right after I got home.

he always tells me he misses me, is happy to be around me again, etc. so is it okay that I got all emotional like that? do you think I sounded too needy? he didn't seem to mind.

so do you think that showed him I like him?


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  • i'd ease off the texting and go more for the cuddling

    at this phase

  • That is not being "needy"...constantly requiring time and attention is needy...(:(:(:


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