Is this girl talking about her situation with her boyfriend?

So this girl texted what animal I would be, I said fox (obviously :D), and I asked her, she said an Orca. she then said she felt sad, because she felt claimed and didn't like being claimed

Now, I, had no idea what that meant, so I danced around the topic and said: "Whaa?...Like people claim your a girl but your an orca at heart"

She said: "yes, I'm not free in my sea"

I, more confused, said: "well why not, fly through the nets"(another text)"i mean swim"

she said: "cut my net"

I said:"foxs can't swim that deep"

we moved onto something else

any idea, input onto what just happened?

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  • Why

    "fox (obviously :D)"


    • that was more of a joke; like 'who wouldn't pick a fox', I just like foxes.

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    • I wrote that intro part as background info, to shorten it down, I said fox, she said orca; I'm far more concerned with the following conversation.

    • I understand the obvious was for us, not actually texted to her.. in fact, it would make more sense to me if you had texted it to her...

  • ok..

    She isn't happy.. she feels trapped.. uncertain... she wants someone to rescue her...

    She cried out to you for help..

    and you missed it...

    • You realize that only I get told when you update this right?

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