Should I continue to stay or should I leave? please COMMENT I NEED your HELP

I been with this guy since 2005. Just last year things began to become destruct due to him hanging around him. I never felt so weak ever in my entire life. My first relationship was abusive and almost killed me. I'm 19 years old and I only had 3 relationships. This current relationship is my third one. This guy did some unbelievable acts since last year. He cursed me out...He begged me to leave him alone...When I did he came back...He tried to put me out his car in front of everybody...I made one mistake and that mistake was laying down with him the first night I seen but I also have been talking to him for quite a while before that. Last year embarrassment started: he put me on speakerphone in front of everybody and he said some mean things to me and people started laughing at me, he let females answer his phone to play as his girlfriend,...Even when I was blocked from calling him all because he got mad at me there was still communication. He showed up at my sister house at 12:30 showing her everything...He took a picture of me without me knowing it and showing it to my sister...He showed her the text messages and told her everything she wasn't suppose to know. Ever time I will leave he will come back pretending to be a sad puppy. he will cuurse me and try to get girls to fight me then he will tell them nevermind. he told his friends, parents, and everyone else about me when I Haven't did anything. he made it seem like I was texting his phone a lot and he didn't respond when he clearly did. he uploaded pics months ago of a girl he liked and she would have his phone and get on his social webpages. I never had access to his phone or anything. he pushed me he made me cry so many times.all of this started last year. before all of this occurred I didn't have to worry about anything I was treated like a queen. everyone knows about me. he even say he was going to put my text messages on the internet but he never did it. I feel weak because I didn't do anything back to him I didn't get revenge. he use to call my friends phone...repeatedly calling until they answered it. I still don't know until this day how he got her number unless he saved it from when I was calling. he told her to call me and tell me to leave him alone. he also tried to get her to fight me. I left the drama alone 2 years ago when I lost my best friend due to drama and fights. he even tell females about me he shows them text messages and everything I mean he tells it all about me but I never do the same to him. I'm crying right now because I feel weak. I called him 5 weeks ago he yelled at me in front of people and they were laughing. when I leave he always pop up and call me and what he tells people actually what is not going on. when I do move on to someone else he come and get me and look like he going to cry. should I stay or leave? I feel so weak I Haven't called or texted him since then and I'm finding out I'm not the only girl he been talking to I don't understand why he won't leave me alon


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  • Wow this is the type of guy who thrives off your weaknesses. He's abusing your self-esteem, to boost his. He's not your friend. He's not your lover. He's your ENEMY! He's going to get to the point where he's bored of harassing you and not care at all if you leave. He might even break up with you because you let him get away with disrespect for so long! Would you rather leave him and have him wish he had you back or would you rather have him break up with you and humiliate yuo even more, for no reason? What will the benefit be for staying with him? Why stay with someone who's keeping you down and miserable? You deserve someone who cares about your feelings and who is mature.


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  • are you kidding?

    Of course you should leave! ask yourself, why on earth should you stay? does he do anything to make you happy?

    • he use to before last year came I mean so much stuff...he got around his friends and this start happening out the blue

  • Wow.. what douch bag. If you have no ties to him ryte now stay far away nobody needs that kind of drama that boy seriously needs help. Stay away you can do better. You dnt need someone that's gunna put you down and constantly make you miserable.

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