Why is he still with her and what does he want from me?

I dated this guy for three yrs. he broke up with me in may with no real reason. he started dating another girl a few weeks later. now at almost 6 months after the breakup he is still dating her but he contacted me.

all this time we didn't speak and then he Facebook messages me begging me to be a part of his life as his friend and how badly he screwed up and how he misses me. we Skyped for about 6 hrs and talked so deeply, even more-so than when we were dating.

he said via Facebook he doesn't want what we used to have, but via Skype he said how badly he missed me that he couldn't even concentrate on uni. he texts me everyday now.

he continued to say how he keeps making terrible decisions and he really regrets cutting me out of his life, and he said he doesn't feel the same connection with his current girlfriend as he did with me.

why is he still with her and what does he want from me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • She = fall back girl in case you say no

    You= sex / re-connection

    Either way move on please it is clear he has low integrity for talking to other girls while he is unavailable. Heck I bet he left you for her. Think of what he is doing to this chick and ask yourself if you trust him not to do it to you: even if he is already of suspect for dumping you for another.


What Girls Said 1

  • as for what he wants from you, I guess he's just proving "you don't know what you've got till it's gone" to be true. now he sees that throwing out the comfort and real love that you two had is not easily replaceable, and misses what has grown between you two.

    he's probably still with her so that if you should turn down his plea for a second chance, his ego won't be quite so bruised.