Does he really want to date me?

I've been talking to this guy for about a month now. We hit it off from the first day we met, and I thought he was a really nice and cute guy. We work together but text each other a lot outside of work, he initiates the texts about 80% of the time. However, it seems like he always likes turning the conversations sexual.. even though I've told him flat out that I'm not easy and the like. I figured then he would stop talking to me if he wasn't interested.. nope, he's still been talking to me. Then most recently he's hinted that I should give him a bj.. to which I said that I'm not hook up material. He says, "aka if we were dating you would do it :)" and I told him that that's a possibility.. and then he kept talking about it, even though I kept insisting it won't happen unless we're dating which I think he understands. He also hasn't asked me to come over or anything yet which I would think he would've done by now if he wanted to hook up.. I'm 19 and he's 24 btw.

Soo even though he likes talking sexually with me a lot, is he really interested in dating me and not just a hook up?


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  • Hard to say. If he has not asked you out on a date by now I would say he is just playing games. Waiting for the time he can use humor to get you into bed. Some guys do this to wear the girl down until she is actually thinking about having sex with this guy because he brings it up so frequently. There is no skill to this and it is kind of sad but it does seem as if your a bit interested in the guy himself. Protect your heart on this one girl it is looking like a hook up story.


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