Post first date behavior ?

So I went out with this guy sort of first date. I mean, it wasn't mean to be our first date but I convinced him to go and see the fireworks with me. It was fun, and we end up meeting his friends which was a good fun too. after it was over we still agree on do what it was going to be our original first date. he drove me home, and we didn't even kiss. I sent a text just saying I had a good time and thanks for driving me home. haven't heard from him in the whole day. I mean I know is less than 24 hours, so am I being impatient or should he had said something by now?


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  • If I were him and I had a great time and really enjoyed your company, I would have texted you by now or would have made an attempt to at least reply back. However, it could be something simple like his phone is turned off, he didn't get the text, he's busy or worst case scenario, he's ignoring your text. Either way, don't text him for another day or so. This way, you don't come on looking desperate.

    • well our next "date" is mean to be tomorrow... hahahah!

  • Probably don't want to be too clingy. Wait a couple of days to get a text message.

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