Dating and Marrying with a poker player?

Well many women have no idea about poker at general, there is a lot of things in it strategy math bankrollmanagment and so on, my quesstion for you ladies is would you date-marry a professional poker player?


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  • I wouldn't date or marry a gambler, so no.

    • nobody would marry a gambler, I disagree gambling I wouldn't gamble, poker is sport by the way, when I said women have no idea about poker that was what I meant.

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    • I live pretty close to a reservation with a couple of casinos.

    • Every player in the casino is maybe a gambler or amateur, you never know if they play poker or gamble, there are many things out there to gamble, professional poker players are the one's who are in TV and the one's who cash in the big tournaments, I am trying to be one of them I study a lot for it, and from 30$ I made 500$ my first 2 weeks, now I am using bankrollmanagment that's how I don't lose my money, I play 3$ tournamanets when I have 500$, there are 200 players in it I cash usually :)

  • Sure, why not.

    Unless he assumed that because I'm a woman I obviously don't know anything about strategy, math, etc. I know women who play poker as well - actually it was a girl who taught me years ago.


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