Can I just hook up with him, or should I date him?

There's this guy who's been pursuing me for a little while now. The other day he said outright that he's interested in me and has been for a long time (more than a year). We're good friends and I really don't want to hurt his feelings. If I don't make a move/am not interested, will he feel "friend zoned" and be mopey about it? I'm not sure I really want it to go anywhere, because I think we're looking for different things and I might end up hurting him anyway.

On the other hand, every time he hugs me or leans on me, I feel this crazy physical attraction to him, and I'm pretty sure he does too. Every time I think about it him I really want to kiss him. I don't think I would be a very good girlfriend, and I know he is emotionally interested in me, not just physically attracted. He would probably want us to date seriously.

Would it be wrong for me to make a move at party or something? I could find an opportunity to kiss him and see where it goes, but if I did, would he be expecting a relationship?

I could see myself dating him, but I don't know if I'm actually mentally/emotionally attracted to him or not.


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  • Since you know he's emotionally interested in you, don't hook up with him until you guys both discuss what you're looking for. I was in a similar situation but in his position in the summer, and the guy hooked up with me then left me. it ended our 5 year long friendship anyway, so most importantly keep the communication open. if you really want you could ask him if he wants to be just fwb


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  • Hook it up! But in the middle of whatever your doing just tell him how you want it. Let him know its only a physical attraction and your not into long-term stuff, nobody needs to be exclusive if their not getting married and whose getting married right?... Trust me you could tell him to give you his wallet while your hooking up and he'll do it... We're one track thinkers in that sitch.


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