Confused...does he want to hang or what?(longish...sorry...haha)

Okay, so I haven't actually met this guy...but, we have a mutual friend. I started an intramural coed softball team and our mutual friend asked if his friend could play (I said yes, blah blah blah). This guy messaged me on Facebook because he saw that I was from the same New England state as him and we hit it off. The team ended up not working out, so we never actually met face-to-face. One day, he writes on my FB wall that "we need to hang out, us New Englandahs have to stick togethah." I replied saying, "yeah, we def need to!" and sent him an inbox with my number and told him to text me sometime, but he never did and I saw that he saw it because FB has that lame thing where it shows when the recipient of your message saw it...

So, last weekend I saw who I believed was him at this bar I was at with my girlfriends. I was going to go say hi, but didn't want to creep him out and plus, he was dirty dancing with an ugly betch ha. I messaged him (which I guess is just as odd) and asked if he was out at that bar the night before. He said, "yeah, were you?" I replied and then he never did and I saw once again that he had seen the message, but did not bother to reply...

Did he lose interest? Were his intentions to be friends to begin with? Or is he playing "hard to get" even though we haven't even met face-to-face yet?

I just don't get it and now I seem like a creep.

Thanks, guys!


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  • He wanted one thing to get into your pants, he found someone else to fill that role. Move on !


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