Did he like me or was it just me doing all the liking?

So about one month ago. I been on this website that call (meetme.com). It's like where you can meet people in your area or different people out in a another country and make friends or hook up. So there was this guy on there he is 20 years old and I thought he was cute and I was kinda into him. So we started off by talking on the website then weeks later give each other are numbers and talking more and texting. Then after when time went by we ended up talking just about every day and night. Then all of a sudden after time went by he stop txting me. I mean I heard from him but it was less and I heard from him very little. I mean at one time I told him how I feel about him and he said he felt the same way. SO Question is if he says he liked me back then why would he stop txting me and never really call me like that. There was maybe like 3-4 times we actually talked on the phone. He says he was busy with school and other stuff, but not at 10, 11, or 12 at night. Sometimes it made me wondering was I doing to much were he played me and fake like he like me or was he into another girl and never liked me at all, or other? Him and I don't talk anymore I told him I was sorry for tripping like I did I ended up fussing at him for not calling me like he said he would and just not hearing from him. Last we talk it was about 3p.m. in the afternoon, but at that time that was the last and I send him so many messages and he never got back to me. When he did it was at 5 a.m in the morning I was mad but I said f*** it whatever, I'm not going to play this game or run after him. But on my haft I felt bad and told him sorry so he thank me for saying sorry to him. But now we don't text or talk, were still friends on the website but no communication after that. I miss him in ways but I say he's probably not thinking about me so why should I. I mean if I text him he'll text back. But I don't know can anyone help?

Thanks! :(


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  • He's not really into you. Sorry, Missy!

    • How do you know for sure?

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    • ;)

    • :)

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  • Yeah that is weird. It seems like things were working out great in the begining and then they just went down hill from there. Does he live far away from you? I think after awhile when yo utext somebody all the time and talk a lot that you eventually run out of thigns to say and talk about. Sometime these things run their course. also I think hopefully maybe he wasn't talking to other girls while talking to him whih could be the reason why he is acting so distant. You have nothing to be sorry for. I mean he should be the one to say sorry. He never answered your texts and your right why should you chase after him. Some girls chase after guys vice/versa. Yeah it is hard to get back what you once had because once things change with the texting and talking it's always hard to get that back ;( Don't blame yourself. I think it was fun while it lasted and their always other guys out their. Maybe you should just give him space and ignore him for awhile. Maybe he might randomly text you.

    • Aww thinks. :) Ans true I'm not going to run after him there no point. I still much have a lot of feelings for him, but I'm better then that. I look at it like I'm older then him by a year what I look like begin mad/upset with a boy younger then me. Ans yes he live miles away I live in NC he lives in SC. So we really did not see each other like that. But life moves on, he's just another fish on the hook.

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    • Need. Then I told him that I love him, and he said it back. He was like I love you to and said my name with it. I wasn't thinking he would say it back. but he said. then he said thank you for understanding. But I look at it like maybe there are things that bugs him and times he may not want to talk. I ask him how come you stop message me, and he said it's not because I don't want to talk to you it's because I'm always busy. SO I'm like bullsh*t lol sorry. but you can't be busy all the times.

    • But I look at it this way like I told him. it is very heard not to think of him and talk to him but I been doing pretty good in way. Like if I message my crush now he would reply back so communication is still there on and off. But I'll tell you this, I'm not going wait around for him when he's ready to date me No. And the other guy is OK and I like him and all but I'm still about my crush. But I'll get past it sooner or later. If he can't take me as I am now then he can't have me later at my bes

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