LADIES When y'all apologize do yall mean it?

Me and my ex of almost 3 years broke up 6 months ago. It started off by her ignoring me out the blue to me finding out she was talking to someone else (at the time idk). Well we rarely talked at all during the summer I mean rarely. But when summer went away I started to hear from her more. The more the days pasted the more random "i love and miss you" texts would pop up on my phone from her. ( Keep it mind I don't know she was talking to someone) well as time goes by she started randomly showing up at my job I'm a cashier so she would come up and be like "i just wanted to stop by and say hi" one time she did this for three straight days. But I kept my distance because I don't know what was going on. Well 2 weeks ago I found out she has been talking to someone since the summer, and when I asked he sister about it her sister went back and told her I knew, and my ex got mad. But I had no intentions of either messing up her new partner. So two days after I found out and she was mad because I knew she sent me a random text saying "i wanted to tell you I still love you" keep in mind she is still talking to someone else who she claims "has became her best friend in just 6 months". So I still kept my distance. I had 3 days off at work but she didn't know and she texted me 2 of those 3 days asking "why wasn't I at work" didn't even reply to those text. A couple days go by and out the blue she sent me a text saying "be honest do you still love me" my reply was "..." she said "i figure" then she goes "do you believe me when I said I still love you" my reply "its hard to believe something when your actions say something different" then she sent this long message saying " I know I've done wrong I know I have. But that doesn't change any feelings towards you" my reply we "we're all humans we all make mistakes" she replied "It doesn't change the way I feel about you. I still love you. Today when I saw you at work I wanted to hug you so bad but you was busy ( I payed her no mine we wasn't busy) I'm sorry if I ever hurt you... but I hear she is still talking to this other guy where she is trying to keep me around. I'm not falling for any traps, I'm keeping my distance and space. But do you think she still love me or is she just using me. What can I do to win her from this other guy


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  • Just because she said she was sorry to have hurt you does not mean she wants to get back with you.

  • first of all I think you should give her a chance and tell her that this will be the last and only tell her the only way and reason you and her will get back together is if she can stop talking to that guy if she can't change one small thing for you then don't you waste your time.

    but it still don't mean she wants to get back with you ask her intentions with what she is saying...


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