Guys which do you prefer?

In an ideal situation would you like to:

A) Date a girl a year or more younger than you?

B) Date a girl the same age as you?

C) Date a girl older a year or more older than you?

Also which would be least likely to want to do?


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  • I prefer a girl a little older. There are less games. She is there because she wants to be there. My next choice would be a girl a little younger, and last would be a girl my own age. When a girl is the same age she can feel like she needs to exert some level of being superior and more mature, while that action is inmature in and of itself. The guy doesn't really give a crap about that stuff, but girls do and we have to deal with it.


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  • I prefer to date an older girl. I've never dated any girl who's my age or even younger.

  • I honestly don't mind as long as they arnt too old or too young


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