Should I kiss her again?

There is this girl I have a thing with. We cuddled a lot over the summer and eventually I kissed her and we made out. she is shy and doesn't hint towards things at all. I asked her if she wanted a relationship and she said no but didn't give a reason, We don't have many classes together and her phone broke so I thought she was mad at me, but she got a new phone and she wants to hang out. She is coming over this week to watch movies, were going to cuddle but I don't know if I should kiss her again and see her reaction. I really really like her and want to date her but I don't know if I would be going to fast because of the time in between talking after we kissed. Or if she even still likes me more than a friend. Any advice? Thanks!

PS: She is also my ex from like 3 years ago and she is the only girlfriend I have had so I'm not good with girls:/


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  • if you don't kiss her , she'll only be disappointed that she didn't. Just go with it, only stop if she tells you to, and go slow Since she's shy



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  • Since she doesn't want a relationship, I woouldn't start in on the kissing again. To me, no is no, and guys shouldn't try to maneuver around it. She's telling you she's not ready for that. Trying to pressure her into it anyway, won't lead to anything good. Shell appreciate it if you listen to her!

    • When we kissed before I told her I wanted to and asked if she did and she said she did.

    • But she said she didn't want a relationship. I'd back off the kissing for now.