I can't stop thinking about my ex (whom I've only dated online!)... I've been dating someone else for 8 months

My ex and I were dating online for 4 years, I broke up with him because we never met in person and I couldn't handle being without him. I finally met another guy whom I fell in love with in real life.. He's sweet but... He doesn't talk a lot. I'm so use to talking all the time with my ex... and I've begun to miss him. I'm not sure what to do. MY friends say I should stick with my "real" boyfriend, but ... I feel as though my heart belongs with my ex whom I've never met in person.. only talked on webcam and mic for years...

I haven't cheated on either of them as I haven't pursued the feelings I have for my ex.

Please any advice would be helpful.

Yes I did date him for four years, I don't know if that's why I'm so ... attached to him..


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  • Wow you really dated a guy online for 4 years? That's longer than most in-person relationships!

    • Well yeah 4 years is a long time. After every failed relationship (online or otherwise) you need time to heal and recover from it. Maybe starting a new relationship so soon wasn't a good idea.

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