Do you know someone that has it all yet doesn't seem to be able to get a date?

Basically I'm that guy. I have so much going for me yet I strike out with women so much it is beyond embarrassing. I'm definitely not arrogant, modest even. I don't brag about myself normally but I find myself handsome, succesful and over all a fun, interesting guy. I have so many friends that I can't even go to half the parties or social get togethers. Unavailable girls (friends' girlfriends, much older or younger) tell me I'm a great guy. I'm no Don Juan but I will talk to girls and make them laugh, but if I let them know I would love to get to know them better they politely decline. Although I'm quite desperate, I don't think it shows. Maybe girls think I'm not interested in relationships because I'm never in one...

My question is: do you know someone that seems to have it all but never gets a date? What is the reason in that case? I want to consider the possibilities because frankly I get the idea that people don't tell me in my face what is wrong with me.


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  • I think a picture would definitely help with this.

    • I'm not here to fish for compliments. Just take it that I'm good looking. Not a model, but handsome still.

    • Well a lot of guys think they are, when a change in clothes, hairstyle, or weight would help a lot. Without a pic you'll never know for sure if girls your own age actually find you attractive

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  • I actually don't know anyone like that but I know there are plenty of people like that on GAG. At least it seems that way. It's really hard to say what's wrong. It's in the way you come off. But unless I knwew you in person, I can't tell you exactly what it is

  • YES! I know exactly what you are talking about because I know a guy that is fantastic, not bad on the eyes, successful career, positive, dresses nice, not totally square - - I would marry him if only...his breath didn't smell like "oh my - there goes my eyebrows"

    I can't seem to break the news to him and I guess none of his other friends can either

    • I don't think I smell bad because I'm very hygenic and self conscious about that kind of thing, unless my pheromones are simply repelling...

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  • First things first. When women tell you you are a great guy I would take that as an insult of friend zoning. Are you a virgin? Virgins tend to date virgins and non non. Men and women can pickup body language cues of mating so if you're a virgin try going for a virgin girl who has trouble getting boyfriends. There are a few pretty ones out there.