What is going on in his head?

Last Thursday I came home from work where my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years and who I have lived with for 2 years left a note breaking up with me but was still in the house. He just kept saying sorry and wouldn't answer why we broke up. I moved out all of my things on Friday and texted him saying the key was on the table and he responded with I'm so sorry about this ill always love you. We didn't talk for a few days then we agreed to meet up to close our joint bank account. After the bank we talked and I poured my heart out about how I felt about the break up and how much I loved him and all he would say is how sorry he is and how he always thought it would be me and him in the end and now he doesn't see it. I left in tears and said my goodbyes and then 40 min later I got a text message saying "on our first date I saw a shooting start and I wished you would be the one for me, I hope I didn't make a mistake and ill always love you". I have no idea what he means by any of this any advice would be great


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  • He just feels bad and he's going through the motions. Lemme ask a question though, in the end, when you really think on it. Does it matter?

    He broke up with you, you didn't ask for any of this. It's on his head, not yours. Turn around, keep your head held high with dignity, and walk out.


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  • You never explained your two year relationship and only talked about how he broke up with you. I have no clue how to help you. You've been with him for two years...you should've noticed something by now.

  • It's probably about sex. Anytime you have a problem with a guy, it's probably, at least in his head, about sex. Either he wasn't getting enough or it was boring or a combination thereof. The stereotype is true here. Guys are simple.


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