Would you date a psychopath?

my friend found out she is dating a psychopath but intends to continue the relationship so I was wondering how many of you would go out with a psychopath?

just so everyone knows a psychopath is not a murderer but somebody who does not feel emotion... especially empathy

as a psychopath myself, no. I know what we're like


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  • Nope, I wouldn't. I think girls are more into that sort of madness. They honest think they can "get through" to such guys. Many girls are ignorant of science. The psychopath literally has a damaged brain from the inside. You can't have a normal relationship with someone like that. You're just asking for trouble. I think girls like this kind of nonsense more than guys. A girl would have to be really hot to pull this off and even still...


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  • We don't not feel emotions, we just aren't affected by them. Are you telling me you've never felt anything? I find that hard to believe. You aren't incapable, you simply opt out when it's inconvenient. A massive advantage. Hell yes would I date another psychopath.

    • it takes something pretty severe to make me feel the smallest emotion, no it is not something I can willingly control but I'm glad I have it

  • Been there, done that. I'd rather lose an arm than doing it again.

    • Thumbs up a million times. Dated one girl with 0 empathy is was f-ing scary. Broke up with her she's tried to put me in jail. I moved changed my number the works she's INSANE. Makes me not want to date again..

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