How do I get a guy I made out with to leave me alone?

So this guy I had talked to in parties of a group we both attend asks me out for beers. The day of the date, he texts me saying that he has beers at home, that he is alone, so I can come over to his place and watch movies.

I didn't see the text right away, so he texts again saying "or we could go out somewhere, as you wish" He says he likes me, he respects me, and that he doesn't want to make me uncomfortable.

I say OK, I go over to his place and then at the middle of the movie, in the awkwardness possible way he hugs me and kisses me. It was very awkward, he's not a good kisser and then a little after he's feeling me up. (So much for respecting me)

I make my excuses and leave. Now he texts me all day and all I want is for him to never call me again.

What do I do? Help?


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  • Just text him back and tell him you didn't feel attracted to him any longer, but that you hope he finds someone else. Don't text again after that. Just drop it.


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