I'm chasing this girl. How do I turn it around? To her chasing me.

I was texting this girl and I was like I seen you throughout my high school years and I was afraid to talk to you because your not like other girls your more outspoken. She said you never get what you want unless you go for it. I asked was that advice or motivations. she said maybe it was both. So I called her 4 days later and I was nervous after 5 min she said she was gonna call me back. She didn't. So the next day, I saw her at school but she was rushing. I texted her I was trying to talk to you but you were rushing, I just want to get to know you, I was a little nervous on the phone last night. She didn't reply back.

What can I do to turn the tables? I really like her.


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  • well, I guess she still likes u.

    she just want you to try hard ;) more hard!

    but she already gave you a green light! ' you never get what you want unless you go for it'

    so call her back again, and ask her to go out this weekend..

    maybe just for coffee or tea, or sandwich?:)

    so you guys can talk and more relax..

    and pls no stree,no nervous! she not gonna bite u:P

    good luck ;)

  • Well maybe she was kind of surprised or didn't know what to do. Lot of girls try to run away from the situation so they don't have to worry about it.

    Try approaching her, talk to her and be her friend as usual but don't go too close. And stop at the point where she wants to talk to you more. If she likes you she would go like whatt? Does he like me or not. Be nice to her but sometimes don't be too friendly or don't show too much that your caring about her.

    Just sayin, don't flirt to get her attention. It really doesn't work.



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