How Do People ACTUALLY Kiss?

I've never kissed anybody before, and I'm curious of how it's done. My friends that have kissed somebody just say "We kissed", and that's that.

Do people actually kiss like they do in the movies?

What was your first kiss like?


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  • My first kiss was awful. The guy was nervous as hell, and I had no clue about the whole thing. I was completely frozen during the experience, I just stayed there like a fool, and remained frozen a bit afterward ><

    This didn't keep us from dating though, we just had to improve our technique ;)

    After the first one, it went really better. I started feeling confident in myself, and tried different things.

    To me kissing is not only about touching lips. It's about teasing, enticing the other one, avoiding precisely the lips until he/she's really wanting to kiss. The kisses we see on the movies look too scripted to me (if that makes any sense). I don't think many people kiss that way in real life.

    I love teasing my boyfriend when we kiss : slightly biting his lower lip, brushing my lips across his, kissing his jaw, nibbling on his ear...

    I'm not a big fan of plunging my tongue inside someone's mouth though. I DO kiss with a bit of tongue every once in a while, but carefully. I won't forget the feeling I had with the first kiss, and I don't want to inflict that on someone else ^^

    Hope this helps :)


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  • My first kiss was more than a peck but less than making out. It was a lingering suck on the lip pretty much.

    Kissing usually happens on instinct and is a lot easier if you let you body do it for you.

    When I kiss I take his bottom lip between my lips and gentle pull back with my lips... or drag my lower lip up his chin before it meets his lip. You have to tease and play around a bit.. nibbling turns many people on! A little tongue is good, but until you are with someone who can kiss well, I suggest you avoid it. Use your hands to cup the face or explore the body. And remember... kisses aren't just for lips ;)


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