Met this girl online. What's up with this girl?

Met this girl online. We met in person 2.5 weeks ago. Been on 2 dates that both went well. She has invited me 3x to do things with her and her friends. She has shown tons of interest. I can tell she really likes me. However, earlier this week I texted her asking how she was. She said Its been a very bad week etc. The next night I called (to setup another date) answer. Later I get a text that she's having a bad week/day..and doesn't feel like speaking to anyone now. Said she needs some time away.Asked if she could call me the next which I said okay...and I hoped she feels better soon. I didn't hear from her the next day. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt, and plan on patiently waiting for her response. I'm most concerned about the fact that she wasn't woman enough to answer the phone, or at least call me back to tell me.


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  • Its worth the benifit of the doubt for now. Something really bad could have happened that she needs her space. Although its horrid for you, its nice to hear a man concerned about a woman.

    Try again in a few days and if she still doesn't get back to you or says no again. Then probably just leave it to her.

    This guy was texting me for 3 months showing me laods of interest and attention, saying over and over about 'when we meet up'. Then, nothing. I text but not heard back. Its really hard when you don't know why because you question yourself and wonder what you could have done better.

    But it can be really toxic for your emotions.

    I would say to you even try a couple times if she ignores you but I know its not the right thing to do always. I really want to do that with this guy and am trying to find excuses in my head why to do it. But I think maybe that looks desprate.

    Anyway good luck, its a horrible feeling to be messed around, especially with no honest answers.

    • thanks for your answer. If it turns out she was telling the truth and she just had a bad week and apologizes...that worries me even more to think that due to a bad week, she shut down communication so easily compared to how she had been just 2 days before. I had high hopes for her.

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    • yeah, but I've got a good amount of self control :)

    • hehe a good quality :)

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  • I've got the exact same situation I guess just give her some time but call her in a couple of days so she knows you care about her, don't call too much because she will just get annoyed, good luck man I hope it all works out