What is going on here...? I don't have an idea!!!!

This guy who I knew for over a year, married man, I saw him many times but he was very faithful to his wife but recently he said that he loves me but anyways they went back to USA together...They are from USA...(I'm in Korea and I'm Korean girl)

he said that he loves me! :( and he said that he will come back to Korea later...But later...

maybe by himself or with his wife...

They dated since when they were 19 and until now for 8years(4years girlfriend boyfriend and 4years of marriage) together... He said maybe he got married too early...

he said he can't feel his wife as a woman but just as a friend...

like old friend...

but he is now with his whole family----(They've been traveling around in Asia)...

and they have been worked and lived together for a year like 24hours a day...

I don't know what's going on here and I think you guys might know the situation here...

I don't have any idea what is going on here...

I think his wife found out that he was being close to me...Maybe that's why he stop talking to me(through Internet) all of a sudden!

or maybe he just want me to leave him or something...

so the thing is...I saw him being really faithful to his wife...And he left with his wife but before he left, he said he loves me and he will not forget me ever. But also he was mentioning about leaving his wife from their home town and come back...

I love him also because you know...When you hear from someone who you like, if that person says love me,you get involved right? Emotionally?

that's what is going on with me and I miss him a lot...

though I know that he is a married man...We randomly started to talk each other(but we've been knowing each other for a long time) and he started to heating on me...

what can you guess from here? Should I take it seriously or not...?

what can you guess from here...?


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  • Your in love, which means your probably putting him in the best light you can and your making excuses for him and when he gives you excuses for his actions you don't blink twice before accepting it all as fact.

    You need to step back. Don't think through emotion and do your very best to look at the true facts.

    He is married. Think about this for a minute. A life was built around another woman and they have a life that you will never know the 100% truth about. For all you know he might be making love to her often and laughing with her and having genuine tender moments with her...his wife.

    He is a married man. I repeat this to say: he is easily breaking vows to her so why should he be 100% honest to you?

    Careful, the words "I love you" are powerful but in this situation you must not focus on those words unless he is divorced and spending quality time with you that lets him show and prove love. (I am sure your worth that)

    Best luck and may your decision bring you happiness (sooner or later),


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    If he won't be faithful to his wife and family, why do you think he would be so to you? I don't know if you heard about this in korea, but us american men are total assholes, jerks, liars, sexists, ect.

    Not all of us, but most.

  • don't get involved with married mens never ever, find some single guy its better for you.


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  • Don't let things get too serious between you too, because he is a married man, it would be different if he was divorce or going through divorce because I'm pretty sure his wife is trying to put the pieces back together. Whatever you do, Good Luck!

  • he may love you but he loves his wife so much more than he can confess to you cause what he went through with her is so much more years and experiences together.stay away from him he ll never choose you over her unless she throws him out but as long as she wants him he ll never leave her.u deserve a better treatment than to be second on his list.

  • stay away from him