Why do men tell girls they're dating or in relationships with that other girls are 'Beautiful' or 'HOT'?

I find that guys consider it fine to say in an off-hand way, even on a first date, 'so and so was my mortgage broker, and she was a little hottie' or 'I just saw a lady with a hot tattoo on her face, she was really beautiful' on to 'Oh this fine little hottie I was dating'. Now when I was in my twenties guys were not saying this in fear we would take off. Now that I'm BACK in the dating game, men are saying this casually and they say women don't have a real problem with it. It makes me not want to date them, actually. I may be out of style, out of line or too sensitive, if I was bisexual like more gals are, I wouldn't have a prob, lol. Straight.


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  • It's disrespectful to you and to the girl he's describing to use this teenageshowoff kind of language. You should slap their face if they do this, imao, at least verbally if you know what I mean.

    There's too much disrespect between people in general, and you rellly feel it in the dating game. That's why I opted OUT of the 'game' as a teenager. I met people more 'organically' after that and was a lot happier.

    • There is a lot to be said for different life stages. As for the guy Anonymous User right above you, I can tell he's in a primal life stage. TY.

    • A lot of guys never grow out of this stage...! This is why I usually don't allow anonys when I ask questions...

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  • We say it to get a reaction out of our girl... It's that simple. We want a reaction out of you, so we want to see if you'll get jealous. It's quite easy to see. Very immature tactic though.

    • Why would you want them to get jealous? If they're not jealous what's your thought? And when they are jealous what's your thought? TY

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    • snowboarder- what if we don't react to it at all?

    • we'll try harder. Either sticking with the same plan or switching it up.

  • Keeps you on your toes.

    It's like saying "hey, remember. You're in constant competition with half the world here. Don't get caught slipping."

    • Yeah, well, it makes me really mad. I guess it works on most ladies. I'm sure part of it is that men are letting you know that they want you to improve or STAY attractive.

    • It's more about making sure they know to maintain.

      A man rarely looks at his woman and goes "well, I hope this gets better."

      It's more like "man, I hope this doesn't get worse."

      Reminding you that there are other girls out there that could take your place is a good, but vicious was to remind you to keep yourself up always.

    • Yes, if I changed physically from when we first dated, guys did have problems. Guys tend to like you to stay the same, esp. in body. However, people do change over time, it's a tough one. Yea, if he wanted you to be better he wouldn't be dating you in the first place. Thanx!

  • I try not to do this because I know it annoys a lot of women; slip ups happen though.

    • Yeah, that would be nice if other guys had more of your attitude. I mean once in awhile, not 'accidentally on purpose' to test me. My ex couldn't stop, but he had addiction problems so that could have been part of it, :P. Thanx!

  • I never do that. I prefer pretend she's the only one I find attractive and f*** pieces of ass behind her back. Guys that say that are stupid, they piss of the girl in front of them and get no action from any other they find "hot" from afar. Total losers.

    • Oh, anonymous, are we? I'd kick your f'n ass on here if you wanted to be out in the open, fool. I'm sure those female pieces of ass get hotter guys behind your back, too. They flip between guys like you and the other guys more for relationships than sex - on the d.l. I dated guys with your fake attitude and like a lot of females I saw it early and didn't let on...so I found someone new, kicked your butts to the curb and never touched you in the first place. Don't hate the game...

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    • I think you should go for a Ph.D. in anger management, you seem to be full of anger, you will strive!

    • On that note, I don't need a PhD with losers like you, is there a wood chipper with an 'on' switch you can accidentally fall into? Look at his answer above people...why would that make a gal angry? Esp. an anonymous commentator. This thread is over little boy, have the last word, I'm sure it's really going to burn my ass, lol.

  • For the same reasons girls constantly talk about their ex. People say stupid sh*t all day long.

    • Well, yeah. My ex got angry that I was talking about my ex negatively, he got jealous. That's a little different then him telling me 'I had it all, a smoking hot girlfriend...etc.' Everyone should shut their faces about the past, I guess.

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