Is dating outside a lot more easy going then online?

i notice online girls are pretty selfish , I mean I don't blame them I if I had a ton of guys messaging me all the time but I'm a guy I get like one message every two weeks. I was wondering if dating outside in person is a lot less stressful , if so where can I go , are those speed dating events good?


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  • It's not so my "selfish" as "defensive" -- there are A LOT of bad stories about girls who meet guys who are really, really bad guys. It's actually pretty hard to tell from the shiny little profiles who is a bonafide Prince Charming and who is Jack the Ripper. A guy once sent me a photograph of a body part and labeled it "Mom and Me" so it would pass the photo screening of the site, which doesn't allow p*rnographic images. It took the company a week to pick it up and that's after a complaint was filed. Apparently he had been doing that to many girls on the site. Turns out he was also 19 and posing as a 40-year-old. It's disconcerting to a girl who's just looking to go out to dinner, or take a walk in the park with a nice, friendly guy.

    You're talking about texting etiquette. Yes, you are right to expect the occasional message as a show of interest, but increasingly women are also trying not to "be clingy" or "look desperate" and so they wait for a cue from the guy -- an email/call/text. It's just the new standard due to the increasing dependence on the internet to do everything including buy food and meet people...

    Speed dating is pretty much the same as taking a job interview over...and over...and over again. If you don't mind, slap on a tie and just go.


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