Canceling Twice in a Row

No school on Tuesday, so he asked me to come over his house. I said yes since we basically live in the same neighborhood, but my parents had to make sure his parents were going to be home. Tuesday arrived and I got no text from him whatsoever, so at 2pm I texted him asking what’s going on. He said his parents weren’t home, so maybe we could hang out over the weekend.

In school we decided today would be the perfect day to hang out, but after basically ignoring me in school yesterday I wasn’t expecting anything to happen. Of course, as of right now, I have no message telling me if the plan is still on.

Questions: Why did he cancel on me twice? Why is he acting so weird in school now? Does he expect me to text him? Is he using me just to becoming comfortable around girls?


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  • i wouldn't waste time if someone cancels and doesn't make time

    • Should I ignore him in study hall cause we usually sit together?

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    • sounds like they are immature boys

    • They are. They have fights over the achievments.

      I did end up going over to his house yeaterday, though, He actually called and texted me before we hung out to make sure what time I'd be going over his house.

  • How old are you? Says 18-24 but I doubt your parents would care then.. I don't know Id be turned off if a guy wasn't allowed to come over lol