I am 28 and I want to put myself out there. Help me please?

It's easier to have a big social circle when you are in college. Now, it's really hard because I am 28, don't have many friends and I'm usually busy.

How can I put myself out there? I think that's my problem for not finding a good man yet. It's not about my looks, or personality or anything because I get complimented all the time.

My main problem is that I'm not *seen* by others.

Would you please help me? Don't forget...I'm not a college girl.

Note: Online dating is not an option.


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  • Speed dating? Do your extra-cirriculars carry over to working life?

    I mean, I think there are always basic ways to meet people - the gym, work functions, happy hours. What about cooking classes? Can you not fill up your times with club/soc like activities all the same?

    • I can find time to do whatever you guys suggest, but the problem is that I don't know where to go. People don't talk at the gym, so it's not a good option and I'm not attracted to anyone at work. Any suggestions? It ain't easy as you think.

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    • Hey I have a question myself can you please help... I went to the dress-up party and this girl really liked me... I think I may have hurt her feelings. She led me back to her house and asked for a goodnight kiss. I panicked... Said "I don't know". F*ck. Thing is, she's really cool and popular and I don't want to upset her. She doesn't realize there's a girl I'm crushing hard (at the workshop). What should I do?

    • Don't worry. Next time you see her, tell her that you really wanted to kiss her but there's another girl. She'll respect you even more. ;)

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  • Been there. I had to start putting myself out there. Started with going to the gym, well bcause in my case I needed it (no, I am not suggesting you do since I don't know anything about you and it's not my place anyway haha). As I got comfortable talking to people in the gym, I was able to talk more to strangers out in public. That grew confidence level in me and positive outlook, and I'm guessing other people saw that, because men and women would strike up conversations with me, far far more than they had before.

    I'm not a social butterfly but I'm not a tortoise in a shell anymore.

    • I don't have a problem talking to people. My problem is ...where to find them? Where to go? The gym isn't a place to talk to guys, lol.

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    • ok, thanks. :)

    • good luck! You can do it! I have faith in you.

  • I can relate, I am not in college myself and the only people I meet is at the job or on free time activities, through friends and hobbies. I myself changed a job and a city, I wouldn't recommend that, but helps meeting new people and broaden the horizons. Learning languages is a good idea imo. workshops or shows or classes. I did go to a workshop and made friends there with chatting with at least 50 people among 300 attendees, thus there is a chance of meeting somebody there. I tried online dating site, and ended up seeing a person and only staying friends, thus works with a few, considering its not an option for you.

    Think about the activities which you like or which fascinates you, something you would love to do. Try to find clubs, shows, exhibitions and go there and meet people there.


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