Why he stopped texting me so suddenly?

I got to know him on a dating site (we both wanted to find a partner for a relationship). He wrote a message to me, then I replied,etc. Then we started chatting and it was during few weeks time. He was always the one to start the conversation and he was writing everyday. In all his messages he emphasized that he really likes me, that how great is it that we know each other and we can write, that he wants to meet in the future. He said that we didn't have to hurry up, and we'll meet when I will be ready, that he'll be waiting. Then he send me his photos and few days after that I've send him mine. He said that he likes me, that I look attractive, etc. And after this last chat - total silence. I saw that he logged during last days when I was there and he hasn't wrote a word to me..It's a week since it begun..

What is going on? has he changed his mind? found someone else? for what all these compliments about character, appearance etc?

Sorry if my English is not perfect, it's my second language.


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  • He was most likely bored with his life and saw the opportunity to just started talking to you. After he gotten to get to know you better he seem more interested and started giving you fake love stories so that you just believe him. Later after the whole I see your picture and you see mines gotten him to already know what you look like really did set the mood for him but I guess since you said he stop talking to you suddenly most likely he already found someone else and new. That's why you can't really trust those dating sites at all. I learned that the hard way. Sorry their is so much more forget about him!

  • He's not interested anymore. Move on.

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