Meeting, sexing, and dating other girls--does it help you forget the ex you loved?

Guys, does meeting, sexing, and dating other girls help you forget the ex you loved?

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  • Absolutely. There's no place I'd rather be than naked in the arms of any woman and feel the warmth of her body on mine. That closeness is needed after a break up. I want to be desired and understood, and new girls are often much more understanding than the old girl who took you for granted as a man.

    • See but what if the old girl was actually good to you and for you?

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    • So you don't completely forget but you feel better. That's all I'm wondering. Thanks man.

      My guy friends also told me, 'if you a don't go out to try and mind a new love, how would you ever find a new relationship?'

      So maybe that's the logic guys use too right? I do believe that a person moves on 100% once they find a "better" person than their last one. Now 'better' is obviously subjective.

      Thanks man!

    • You see, if a guy doesn't go out and search out new girls, he'll be alone for the rest of his life. Girls get hit on, girls don't ask guys out. I've been asked out once in my entire life. If a man doesn't seek out relationships/sex, he won't get any. Girls are more passive and can still find it. That's why men get back to work after a relationship. We don't have the luxury of waiting for a girl to make a move, plus we want the sex/love back again.

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  • Not necessarily..or more directly: NO. It just kind of helps you try to forget about them and their touch and stuff that involved intimacy andprivacy between you 2, and since that was what brought you 2 together, you try to get "intimate" with just anybody sexually, but not in any other way and they remain in your mind and heart. Especially if it was a strong emotion and things ended bad. Trust me, I know.

  • It may for a little bit, but really it's just like throwing a new coat of paint on a house that's falling over. You have to really work on the foundation, on the YOU, if you want to move on.


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