Have you ever rejected a guy you really liked for a jerk/someone you don't really like?

I know it sounds pretty dumb but that's what I did, and it turned out pretty disastrously.. basically after a lot of crap happened I wanted to try to be different, to date a 'cool' guy who would take me to parties, have fun etc.

But there was this guy who others consider "dorky" and not cute, who had a crush on me. He was so sweet, kind, we had chemistry, I really liked him. We went on a few dates and kissed. But, I rejected him to go date guys who were more 'cool'. I had myself convinced that the sweet guy would hurt me anyway. I dated a guy for 5 months even though we werent very happy together.

Well, the entire thing backfired, pretty horribly, and I realized that I could have been so much happier with that guy. He still likes me, even after I rejected him :/


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  • People do this all the time, women especially seem to be prone to reject good men for the ones who abuse, brutalize, and berate them. But men stick with women mean to them becauseb they are just so hot hot hot. I've your story ten thousand times before. Welcome to life.

    • It's very illogical isn't it :/

    • yep. I stayed with an ex far too long, when she was bitchy and controlling, but was very hot. Made no sense to me at the time, but since then I understand why I did it, even if it was irrational lol.

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  • Your first mistake is wanting to date people because you think they are cool, that is why every relationship you will ever have will fail

    • Well, before I was dating guys who everyone thought were weird or dorky, but I liked them, and it didn't turn out so well. So, I figured I should try something different. .

  • could you take yourself off of anonymous please. I don't like answering questions that are anonymous and not allowing anonymous answers

    • Ill keep that in mind next time but I don't know how to change it now

    • go to the question and down at the bottom of the box where it says anonymous, uncheck the little box next to it. it should turn the anonymity off

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  • No, but you can't see into the future you will make some mistakes.