Stood up by single mom (TWICE!!!)

So I met a girl at my doctors office. (My nurse) She is super cute and we talked and seemed really into me. So a week later when I went back, I asked her out. She said she had looked me up on Facebook, and commented (to me, not on Facebook)on a post I made about meeting her. So she never answered me while in the room. She said that she'd let me know after the doctor came. But like 5 minutes later she started texting me, because she pulled my number from paper work. So we made plans for Tuesday, and when it came around, nothing, no call or text, and didn't reply to my texts. next day she text and said sorry. So I went with it. Then yesterday, plans for lunch, and like an hour before she text me and 'was really really sorry' and we made plans for today. And today the same thing as Tuesday, no text or call. But she says she really wants to get to know me, and I feel the same way. But I think it's SUPER rude to not let me know. I try to be understanding, she has a 2 year old boy and works 2 jobs. How should I handle this? I've never been stood up, and the fact that she says she likes me...

I'm trying to not let it bother me. The thing is, she never gives me reasons. And today I was going to here place to meet, where her kid was... But when I text here to see what was up, I got nothing back. Still nothing back... The only thing that keeps me trying is that she claims to really like me, and I'm sweet and and wants to see me... but how much can a person take...


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  • Seeing that she has a son and is working two jobs, she maybe extremely tired. I know working a part-time job and full-time school tires me out. Just take it in stride. Maybe try to schedule something to works with her and her son that way she doesn't have to make babysitting arrangements. Don't beat yourself up about it. You have to realize that she has priorities and it seems she may have them in order since she's stood you up,(since you didn't give any reasons for them, I can only assume child and job are the reasons), it's not the end of the world.

    Text her and ask her if she would be comfortable having a date with you, her, and her son. This may help you get over your stand up.


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  • Im sorry to say but run and RUN fast son! she's prob just looking for an emotional lift. you don't want to be Mr. Rebound if you get my jist.. Been there, done that and and it was not pretty or fun at all!

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