Why would a guy say he would NEVER date me?

Long story short, my friends with benefits told me from the beginning before we starting hooking up that he would never want to be anything more than friends with me. I stupidly still went along with it since I liked him. We talked and texted everyday while we hooked up. Even now that I ended our friends with benefits we still text everyday. I even asked him recently and he said he was NEVER be interested in dating me and sorry for leading me on. I felt seriously hurt to hear the word never. I would rather have heard, that he doesn't want a relationship right now but to say NEVER is like a personal attack to me. I know he is somewhat attracted to me or else he wouldn't have sex with me, It couldn't be because he thought I was "easy" because he stated this only on when we first started talking. it's over between us, but my self esteem is low now. I wonder, am I not a girl to date? Do guys not see me as the type to take seriously? I've been in reltionships before but I was a teenager. Is it physical appearance like he is not attracted to me enough? Personality? Or he is embarrassed of me because I am black? (He is white) My parents are engineers so I was raised in a good home and I'm in school. Is he disgusted of the thought of dating a black girl? What could it be that he said NEVER?


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  • He is a racist and you choose your poison.

    You have defined yourself as not a girl to date. Never should you exchange sex for love, it don't work like that. You need to understand most guys will screw anything if they though they could get away with it. Now you are only getting lip service and in short he has told you to piss of.

    A girl for benefits makes the girl less than a prostitute. A prostitute gets paid. You don't get it. Nobody marries, dates or other wise engages with a benefit girl.

    He possibly thinks he is not a racist because he was doing a Black girl, but the fact is he is a racist because of the way he did that Black girl.

    You define how people treat you. The moment you have respect for your self, others must follow. You should feel like crap because you created the crap. You want to feel better, begin to think more clearly.


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