Am I suddenly just a friend to him?

I’ve been “dating” this guy I met online for a while now…about a month if you don’t include the time he’s been traveling. We’ve been on four dates. The first: drinks and sex (he absolutely loved what I do). The second: dinner and making out on the street before parting. The third: coffee and a movie (just a hug). Then four weeks went by, we were both busy, he was traveling, Hurricane Sandy hit…He travels a lot, and I’m in my senior year of university…I’m applying to graduate school and all that, I’m not sure where I will end up next year.

Anyway, we went to a concert tonight; I was wearing a deep vneck black dress, red lipstick and backseamed stockings (my usual look, stepped up a notch…I broke necks on the subway), but despite my feminine wiles, he chose to go to a birthday party afterward instead of continuing to hang out. I saw him checking me out, though we didn’t touch too much. I was terribly disappointed, I want to sleep with him again. I didn’t press him on it though, I just made a comment that I’d like to talk him out of it…but he said, “no no, I have to go to this thing…”

He still pays for everything and is quite a gentleman (always holds the door etc); we have great conversations about politics, music, books…I really like him and I’ve known this since after the second date. Setting up dates follows the pattern that when we part ways, he always says “we should do [some activity] next time,” and then I follow up via text. (Things ended this way tonight, after a hug.)

I am so confused. Have I been friend-zoned?


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  • I don't think he friend zoned you. He probably wants to take his time and enjoy your company more. Also if he is paying for everything then I don't think it's friend zoned. Most friends split the bill 50/50. Also if you and him are going on dates then I don't consider it friend zoned. The only thing is you would have to see how he acts on other dates and you. And if you do want to sleep with him again then maybe you can try to set up something romantic by surprising him. If it becomes a big issue then maybe you can talk to him about it more.


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