Do you need someone like you or someone who's more the opposite?

If you have time please give a short description of yourself and the person you want.

and help me decide, if you like ;P

I've tried both and I have to say I'm not sure what I want anymore. I'm quite spontanous, hedonistic, enthousiastic and just emotional in general. I feel like if I date someone like that it's like two energy balls crashing and it's gonna explde, although we'd have loads of fun. I feel like if I married a guy like this we'd end up under the bridge after 2 weeks lol

If I date the opposite (responsible, more serious, cool) it's good because he keeps my feet on the ground and my life is more balanced because he is so stable, although it's not as exciting.

what should I go for in the future? :-/

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would like someone who operates like and thinks about things I do, but has different tastes and passions. For me, this would be someone who is also introverted and understands how I need space, to listen to music and think about philosophical questions...but I'm studying chemistry and I do not want someone in the same field. I want to be able to share a life but have my own, if that makes sense. I want to be able to live together and understand each other but do different things.

    Answer my question please? :]



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What Guys Said 2

  • Anyone who wants an opposite is an idiot and likely very immature. Why do you want opposite? You REALLY think it'll keep things interesting? No, it'll cause friction and arguments and ill will. Someone more like you will lead to more harmony. But even someone like you is going to be different in ways. The ideal is someone like you in ways where it counts (views on marriage, kids, etc) and different in ways that aren't AS important, but lead to experiencing new and fun things together due to each others interests.

    People are so dumb to want opposites. And it's amusing only women have voted that way. Thus, women are dumb.

    • if you read my description again yuo'll see that in my case arguments will only happen if he is LIKE me!

    • My bit was more in general towards those who think opposites are better, and of the polls? Well.. your gender is dumb.

  • I'm intense and sometimes single-minded; my wife is serene, analytical, and always looks at all sides of the situation. I think we work well because we mesh in perosonalities. People who are too much alike may be atttracted initially, but I'm not sure they can get along in a good Long-term relationship.


What Girls Said 2

  • Voted B. I would go for my opposite for the balance effect. I tend to be energetic and free so I want to be with a semi serious guy who will keep me grounded more often than not. :-D

  • A little bit of both.. someone who's a bit like me, and someone who's different :)