How do I get him to stop?

There's this guy whose in my neighborhood, and we have hooked up about 10 times. during the summer he would text me all the time "are you up" and "come out" one point he had a girlfriend and we hooked up, but they eventually broke up because he cheated on her with several girls. Now he's dating a girl whoose exactly like him & who does sexual things & when I finally thought he would leave me alone he texted me 2 days ago about hooking up... I said no. But I was joking around about stuff and he seemed like he was talking dirty. What do I do? & it's really annoying because he always posts cute stuff on twitter and they flirt with each other back.. & I'm just wtf you are a cheater.see he figures he can have the best of both worlds, but trust me if she found out she wudnt be happy.


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  • Ignore him - you are the one enabling his behavior ... you are rewarding him for cheating, that is only going to encourage him more.

    If he doesn't leave you alone go to the police, this is what they are for.


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