Preparing for a Date

This is some thing I know all guys ponder before a date, so this is more of a consensus question but if you have insight that would be awesome also. Do you shave off that peach fuzz for the rugged look or get rid of it all?


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  • I personally think the rugged look is sexy, if it's well maintained and not shabby looking, especially if you have very strong and defined features. If it's somewhere nice it can still look ok, blazer on and whew, 'nuff said. Depends on what she likes though, but I don't think it'll matter much unless you are going to have a major makeout session, it could be stingy. Although on a first date it seems unlikely.

    • I have been told I can pull off the rugged look thus why I ask.

    • Then I guess you answered yourself. If you can pull it off, leave it on! Though I might be biased because of what I like. Heh. Try it out, see if she likes it, if not next time shave it off.

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  • I'm a girl. And yeah get rid of it. ;]

  • I agree with the guy who answered you. How'd you look when you asked her out?

    personally, I like the rugged. But not nasty rugged you know? Lol

    either way, she obviously likes you.


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  • Whatever you looked like when you asked her out is safe. Just shave it off or trim it if it looks too shaggy, or if you're taking her someplace nice, shave it off anyways.

    • I am talking no more then the 5 o'clock shadow maybe morning stubble nothing more then that.

    • I say the 5 o'clock shadow is fine. If you have more than one date with her, try shaving the next time and see which she likes better (if you don't really care which that is).

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