Help! I need some cheap date ideas.

let me first say that I'm not cheap nor is my boyfriend but lets face it everyone is broke nowadays.all input is appreciated.i need ideas of things we can do together and have a good time.dates and just outings.and pls don't say having sex.i know that


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  • picnics,hiking,video games,movies,imaginative sex...


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  • Why would you ask us? The person you should ask is your bf! I know you will enjoy it as long as you love him. You will enjoy the time you two spend together, no matter what you do. Maybe the best suggestion is to ask your boyfriend what he likes to do, then you follow him. Easy, righter?

    • I did ask him already.we both don't have any ideas.that's why I'm here.thanks for the info.

      And yes I do love him.the idea was more along of the line of keeping things from not getting boring but whatever.illl figure it out...

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