Is there anyone here who hasn't gotten over their first love?

We broke up exactly eight months ago on Tuesday, and I am not remotely over it. We weren't even that close to begin with. I feel torn, like I am ready to date, but I still dream about him and miss him. But I do feel ready to date. I'm so afraid that this is how it is going to be, that I never really get over him and can't give my heart fully to another man in the future.


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  • Aw :[ I know how you feel. BUT I completely got over my first love when I got a new boyfriend and it turned out that my new boyfriend was SO much more awesome than my old boyfriend that I totally stopped caring about my first love and I don't even think about him ever. Except when I laugh at how actually terrible he was and how I wasted so much time caring about him.

    But um, now my new boyfriend broke up with me and I'm really sad about it...haha so this just proves that each time we find someone we may feel like we will never find someone else. But you will. And I guess I will too. I mean, I have no choice. I really hate it though. I loved this guy so much more than my first boyfriend.


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  • You'll get over him. It might take a little longer, but eventually it will pass. You'll get to a point where you understand things better, and are ready to move on. If you meet someone you really got a connection with, that might help to. Good people help us heal sometimes, if we can find them. =P

  • yep. still not over her.


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